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08:30 AM - 05:00 PM
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Call the Hotline and a dedicated volunteer will be assigned to help you.

(310) 802-5010


Groceries, Pharmacy,


and more 

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CoVID-19 Medical Response

     1,200+ Hours of Service

          700+ Grocery & Pharmacy Runs

               80 Households Served


(310) 802-5010


for Seniors, Disabled, or

Medically Compromised




We can help.


COVID-19: Stop the Spread of Germs

How to wear a fabric mask safely:

CDC Handwashing Tips

SAFER-AT-HOME Shopping Ideas:

ALTERNATIVES to calling the Hotline:

  • CVS offers FREE Pharmacy Delivery

  • Amazon offers FREE Pharmacy Delivery

  • Ralphs offers  2-Hour Grocery Delivery

  • Ralphs offers Curbside Grocery Pick-Up

  • Vons offers Curbside Grocery Pick-Up

  • Target offers Curbside Pick-Up

  • Walmart offers Curbside Pick-Up

  • Chefs for Seniors provides full meal-service in your home (shop, cook, and clean)

NOTE: Please check each store's website or call to confirm which locations in your area offer these services. Due to the rapidly changing coronavirus situation, all programs and offerings are subject to change without formal notice. 

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CERT Volunteers Are:

  • Your friends and neighbors (Manhattan Beach Residents)

  • Trained in First Aid & Emergency Preparedness


Volunteers wear a Green Shirt or an Emergency Vest with the CERT Logo on it

ALL deliveries are physically distanced, and ALL CERT volunteers wear masks.

Proudly serving Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach
& Redondo Beach.

Groceries & Pharmacy Trips


Are you locked-down due to your age or medical challenges, or in quarantine due to the coronavirus? CERT volunteers can assist with shopping and delivering groceries and/or medication prescriptions. Our team has completed hundreds of trips to various stores from Ralphs to Trader Joe's, and from CVS to Walgreens. 

Wellness Calls

& Visits


Do you live alone, want to connect with the outside world, or are anxious during these uncertain times? Call (310) 802-5010, and you'll be partnered with a wonderful volunteer from your community. One seniors has shared, "I don't really need too much help (with groceries), but it is nice to talk with someone, and to know that I have backup."

Senior Meals Delivery


Senior Meals is a  weekly meal-delivery service to provide ready-made meals or meal-kits from top local restaurants and caterers such as Good Stuff and Sky Chef. Senior Meals was developed by Beach Cities Health District in response to Governor Newsome's Great Plates program.

Chefs for Seniors meals are customized for personal dietary needs, e.g. diabetes, low sodium, and etc. Weekly meal-delivery can also be prepared in at the client's home for an extra fee. 

Masks, Flowers, Cards & More


Need a cloth mask or a little pick-me-up? CERT Volunteers have been dropping off homemade cloth masks, seasonal bouquets, and Kindness Cards written by students. Each Kindness Card expresses a positive message in a handmade card to brighten your day.

We have had numerous masks and cards generously donated by community members and organizations, including from CERT family members and The National Charity League.

MB CERT Volunteers :

Vesta Sung

(Deployment Manager)

Frank Chiella

(Program Manager)

Board of Directors


Nellie Ambrose

Mindy Balgrosky

John Braitman

Jane Cruz

Gabe Greenberg

Cameron Hull

Kristy Jones

Eric Jonsson

Adam Kreutner

Debra McGuire

Cynthia Mickschl

Jennifer Modisette

Scott Ninegar

Joe O'Donnell

Joel Oiknine

Wendy Phillips

Julie Profet

Roark Sandburg

Patricia Schilling

Christy Sieminsky

Mike Smith

Roberta Stephens

Danielle Sung

Dennis Takahashi

Gaye Williams

Special Appreciation:

Janet Buike

Michelle Ami

Adela Cornejo

Mary McCabe

Sabrina Johnson

Eddie Ramos


Kerianne Lawson

Melissa Andrizzi-Sobel

Lauren Nakano

Charlotte Barnett

Susan Adams

Nathalie Sung

Tiffany Tsuang

Caroline Tsuang

Sam Nakawatase

Jennie Takahashi

Erin O'Donnell

Karen Roseman

Honolulu Penn

Community Collaborators :

"If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever."

- Kofi Annon

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